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F4 Pharma GmbH i.G. is developing the peptide FX06 in diseases and pathological conditions associated with capillary leak. F4 Pharma GmbH i.G. has identified different orphan indications with high medical need and limited treatment options in a multi-layer approach. All diseases are characterized by life-threatening capillary leak but the clinical manifestation may differ:

  • Clarkson Disease (systemic capillary leak syndrome)

  • Patients under ECMO (extracorporal membrane oxygenation)

  • Vasoplegic syndrome

Within these clearly defined patient populations, F4 Pharma GmbH i.G. is able to pursue a targeted development approach with a limited number of patients.

Treatment with FX06 is leading to a paradigm change in the clinical management of patients in acute and critical care.

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Page modified: June 24, 2020
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