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Transplantation & Delayed Graft Function

leaky vessels

In many disease states, blood vessels become leaky.
A: normal endothelium
B: leaky endothelium

Renal transplantation has become the most important treatment option for patients with end-stage renal disease and renal failure. However, the growth of the number of surgeries is limited by the availability of suitable donor organs. Patients today have to wait for a median of 38 months for a suitable organ. Much could be gained, if the donor pool could be expanded by the use of so-called marginal donors, for instance stroke victims. However, 30-50% patients receiving transplants from these donors experience a phenomenon called delayed graft function, where the transplanted organ is not fully operative in the first two weeks after the procedure. Delayed graft function is thought to derive from reperfusion injury. Unfortunately, graft survival is significantly reduced for these patients. F4 Pharma compounds are able to prevent delayed graft function and therefore allow a significant expansion of the donor pool.

Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS)

Resuscitation in trauma patients with severe blood loss can lead to a catastrophic activation of the immune system with strong inflammatory reaction, vascular leak and multi-organ dysfunction, called systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS). It is the most common cause of death among patients who initially survive their injuries. SIRS can also be caused by bacterial sepsis leading to septic shock, which has a similar complex of symptoms as hemorrhagic shock, and by infection with tropical viruses like the Dengue virus (see facts about Dengue >>). In all of these syndromes, the disease eventually becomes independent from the causing agent(s) and runs its own cause. Its hallmarks are leukocyte infiltration, severe edema caused by capillary leak, and coagulation disorders, eventually leading to multi-organ dysfunction and failure. F4 studies and data show that its compounds can tackle these severe diseases through organ protection and prevention of mortality.


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