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F4 Pharma is building an attractive pipeline of the peptide FX06 in severe diseases associated with vascular leak.

Product pipeline / phases

* no further development, but safety data can be used.

FX06 belongs to a new class of drugs whose efficacy has been demonstrated in a number of animal models of vascular leakage. In several rat, mice and pig models, FX06 increased survival dramatically and restored the equilibrium between pro- and anti-inflammatory mediators. In a human phase IIa study, FX06 did not only prevent reperfusion injury after myocardial infarction but exhibited a high safety margin and was extremely well tolerated. Therefore, FX06 is an ideal drug to be tested in other diseases associated with vascular leakage. The complete preclinical development package plus safety data from phase I and IIa clinical trials allow a direct start in phase II.

F4 Pharma plans to start development in the prevention of delayed graft function after kidney transplantation as an orphan drug indication. Animal data from transplantation studies of other organs indicate a potential benefit there as well.

There is a high medical need for a drug to be used in the treatment of circulatory shock after severe trauma, blood loss, sepsis, dengue fever etc. However, all clinical development approaches in the past failed despite promising animal data. As a first step, F4 Pharma will therefore focus its development on more homogenous patient populations. In parallel, development in patients with dengue shock syndrome will be initiated (see facts about Dengue >>).


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