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F4 Pharma GmbH is a development stage bio-pharmaceutical company to be established 2020 in Vienna. The company will be founded to convert high impact scientific discovery into pharmaceutical products for orphan diseases with high medical need.

The company aims to become a leader in the development and commercialization of pharmaceuticals targeting capillary leak syndrome and inflammation. Capillary leak, i.e. increased permeability of blood vessels, can be observed in different serious and life-threatening diseases.

While inflammation is highly desirable to defend the organism against foreign particles and infections, it can become harmful and destructive if it runs unchecked. Inflammation-based tissue injury is well known as a major component in the pathogenesis and progression of diseases such as acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS, Clarkson disease, septic or hemorrhagic shock, hemorrhagic fevers (e.g. Ebola, Dengue, SFTSV) and most recently Covid-19 induced by Sars-CoV-2.
Therapeutic focus
F4 Pharma GmbH has identified peptides addressing these pathomechanisms. They potently inhibit acute inflammatory reactions and prevent capillary leak via a novel mechanism of action. The most advanced product of F4 Pharma GmbH – FX06 – is under development in several diseases associated with capillary leak and inflammation.
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Page modified: April 06, 2024
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